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Fasika Melaku - VP of Training, Taco Bueno

Vaughn Capital Partners

  • A mutual friend recommended and introduced me to Brent Tallent over ten years ago. We have now worked on a number of projects together and he has always exceeded my expectations.

    Specifically, Brent has always found time to work on my video and photographic needs, has lead the projects through all phases successfully, has the ability to find and tell the best parts of a story and to create a project with the highest level of quality.

    Critically, Brent has my complete confidence and trust and is therefore, my “go to man” on video and photographic projects.

    Robert C. Vaughn – Vaughn Capital Investment Partners


  • I founded one of the earliest CrossFit affiliate gyms, way back in 2005 when no one had heard of CrossFit yet. A marketing consultant suggested I use video to help people in my area begin to know, like and trust me so they would think of me first when they were ready for a fitness solution.

    I trusted Video Propeller to create a top quality video for me. I told him what I wanted the video to accomplish and gave full creative license to create.

    I was blown away at the Video Propeller teams and the ability to set up scenes, interview my raving fans, and make shots in a way that captured the exact essence of the value my business had to offer the community. Video Propeller’s video did a better job of capturing that value than I ever could. Video Propeller not only exceeded my expectations with the quality of work, but also put me at ease as a business owner.

    The finished marketing video formed an integral part of a new prospect generation funnel that increased the number of prospective clients I saw each month by 400%. The best part is those prospects who found me thru that funnel were also pre-positioned to become clients.

    I truly believe my marketing would not have been nearly as effective if it wasn’t for Video Propeller. I highly recommend Video Propeller to any business owner who wants to use top quality video production for any of their business needs.

    Troy Dodson – Owner, Brain Based Fitness Rx


  • The premiere of the MTS video was a great success!  The feedback was ALL positive, and folks were energized by the entire video.  Thank you again for such a fabulous job, and for bringing your enormous gifts to bear on this project.  We’re grateful!

    Connie Nelson – SMU Perkins

Erin Gardner - VP of Women in Film

  • ‘Had the honor of working with Brent on a regional travel series called Bronco Roads. Getting to produce with Brent in the editing seat is a great start for any production project!

    He hears and caters to your direction/concerns but he doesn’t let anything limit the potential of the edit. Brent keeps an eye on the story and is always looking for new techniques to develop the edit. He’s constantly reading up on the latest and greatest methods for filming and editing.

    The very first edit with Brent on the team, earned our show a Lone Star Emmy Award. The year after that, we went on to win a 2ndEmmy the next year.

    This alone is proof of Brent’s ability to assess the vision and style of a project and bring it to its full potential.

    Erin Elizabeth Gardner, Producer,  Vice  President of Women in Film Dallas

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