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We want to tell your story in video

Your business’s story is exceptional and we want to help bring that to life in a way that connects, inspires and moves your viewers to action. 

In our world, telling a good story applies to all sorts of projects from corporate branding to training videos to selling specific products and services.

Because of our determination to create videos that not only look and sound great, but use strategies and tactics that deliver results, Video Propeller has been a leading and innovative Video Production Company in Dallas since 1999.

Whether the goal for your video production is sales, brand awareness, education or communication to your culture, we are committed to meeting and exceeding your specific video marketing needs.  Your business and your audience is unique and we want to create videos that serve your goals and create exceptional outcomes.



Having already achieved success in audio recording for radio, film and T.V., Brent Tallent launched into video production in 1998 creating event and communication videos for some of the world’s largest brands like BMW, Volkswagen, MINI and Honda.

Later, reality TV and Documentary video production helped in gaining the value of understanding meaningful story telling tools and tactics where he won two Emmys for his work on Bronco Roads, created 22 short stories about the life of Kris Kristofferson and shot and edited Troubadour Tx which aired nationally on The WB Network.

Since 2014, Video Propeller has sought to help clients with the need for effective video marketing strategies, engaging video storytelling as well as video distribution that moves prospects and clients through a meaningful and strategic journey.  

With a complete toolbox of production skills, storytelling skills, and distribution strategies, this Dallas Video Production Company helps to craft and create a video-driven marketing strategy that moves your audience towards meaningful actions. 

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20 Years of great videos

For 20 years now, Video Propeller has crafted great video productions for large companies all over the United States as well as businesses that are small or even just starting out in Dallas, Tx.

We start with the end in mind.  That is, we begin with the goal that you have for your video.  What should the video achieve?  What should the viewer be able to share with someone the day after watching?  Where should the video take the viewer in the overall customer journey towards understanding a part or the whole of your brand? (Our Screening Room has several examples of past projects and many of them have detailed explanations of how the projects were achieved.

Discovery and Planning are where we make sure that we understand the topic thoroughly and make a plan for the most effective execution.  This includes things like creating interview questions, scripts as well as defining who the best people are to speak to the topic, where are the best locations and what are the best supporting visuals like graphics, products or b-roll shots.

The Video Production phase is where we take the plan and make it come to life while we capture video with beautiful lighting, lenses, cameras, and a lot of energetic inspiration.

During Post-Production and editing is when we begin refining the story, creating the graphic feel, adding motion graphics, text, narration, music, transitions, and more.

We’ve put together a video production budget calculator to help you get a sense of potential budget’s in different scenarios.  You can use this to think through how different choices impact the overall budget.  It’s a guide based on industry averages and common scenarios.

Consistently working in Dallas and around the United States for 20 years, we have been driven to help our video production and video marketing clients create videos that gain the most out of every single video that we produce.

Distributing Your Marketing Videos

A great video production showing your business is the best content that you can add to your marketing arsenal. We not only help businesses create the best videos, but we help strategize the best means for distribution so that you maximize the potential of your investment.

These include your own website, landing pages, social media platforms, email campaigns, Google ads and more.

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Brent Tallent

President / CEO

A big HELLO and thank you for visiting.

I’m a video producer, marketer, storyteller, chess enthusiast and passionate artist.

I started off producing tons, (literally thousands), of sales training videos for top tier brands like BMW, Honda, Denny’s, MINI, Taco Bueno, Volkswagen and more. It was there where I learned a lot of great information about sales tactics as well as high level customer service.

Soon after I spent several years editing and producing shows for national television. And during that time, I had the good fortune to win two Emmy awards for editing. Most importantly it was in those years that I got dead serious about understanding the mechanics of a great story. I say “dead serious” because in television one realizes that if you don’t figure out how to capture the attention of your audience, they won’t be there after the commercial break.

After my time in television, I became energized about figuring out ways to apply the tactics of storytelling to business videos. I love to strategize about how to make someone’s story come alive through a set of videos that will build trust and confidence in a brand.

Please reach out to brainstorm and discuss how we might use video to take your next business goal to the next level.