Animated Business Video

Thank you for taking the time to watch this Animated Business Video that we recently finished for a client.


The process of creating this video


First we took Green Imaging and team through a process of defining the goals for the video.  Since a script needed to be written, it was important to outline good references for information.  We also outlined points of emphasis and call to action.


Next, we set out to write and record the voiceover.  After it was completed, we created the first three slides to show the direction we had in mind for style.  Then we sent over the entire voiceover and the partial style sample for review.

Production / Editing

After the script, voiceover and design were approved, we launched into production designing and animating the rest of the piece.  Because of the healthy discovery process that we had on the front end, once we submitted the first full draft of the video, there was only one idea for revision.


Once the video is completed, we exported and delivered the video in the appropriate formats.  Since this was for a live event, we did several follow ups leading up to the event to make sure everything was working as needed.


You can see more of our productions in our SCREENING ROOM.

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