Video production budget calculator

Location Rental
Use the sliders to select the number of location rentals you will need. ***Note*** If you will be using your own business location, please skip this section.
Script Development
If your project requires a script, please fill out the section below. Projects that are interview based rely more on questions than a script and these items are developed in our pre-production process.
Who or What Will Be in the Video?
Our business staff will be in the video
Our business product will be in the video
Our clients will be in the video
The video will be entirely animation
The video will use animated still images to tell the story
The video will use stock footage to tell the story
Actors will be used in our video
Production Costs
Use the slider to select the number of half or full day shoots that your project will need. You can combine them if needed. For example, you could select two and a half days by selecting 1 on the half day slider and 2 on the full day slider.
Voiceover Talent
If you need VO for your video project, please select from the options below
Many business videos are only using people from within the business. However, some projects required actors. If your project requires actors, please select from the options below.

This section requires some algebraic thinking. If you need two actors for three days, you would enter the number 6. If you need four actors for two days, you would enter the number 8.
Makeup Artist
Some businesses prefer to have a makeup artist on their project to to provide camera-ready makeup such as making the skin look dry, covering blemishes, etc. If your project doesnt need a makeup artist, please skip this section.
Post Production / Editing
Please select the final running time of the video after editing.

(If your project is more than ten minutes long, this calculator will not be very accurate since there are so many variables that could make your projects budget considerably less or more.)
Stock Photos
Stock Footage


Total 1 .

Watch this video to learn how to use the calculator