Musk comments on Apple’s Missed Timing

My son is studying Electrical Engineering at UT and says the day he graduates he will buy a Tesla. So this comment from Tesla CEO about Apple’s poor timing caught my attention.

I didn’t even know that Apple was entering the automobile market. It seems like a big jump from the smart watch. Musk says he thinks they entered the market too late and this choice will end up working against them.

He anticipates that by the time Apple goes into first production, Tesla will be manufacturing one million cars.

Of course, I can’t help draw the parallel to video marketing when I see how many people are unaware of what is happening with online marketing for businesses. Already 50% of all information consumed on the internet is via video and they anticipate this to cross 70% in 2017.

I talk to so many people who aren’t quite ready to jump into video and I keep thinking about the impending avalanche. In the same way that Musk is going to be one million cars ahead of Apple, businesses who jump into video are going to be ahead of their competition.

However, Musk isn’t too sad about Apple’s slow moves. I’m sure he’s feeling pretty good knowing he has such great momentum.

The article is below if you want to check it out.


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