The video propeller process

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We start by showing off our flexibility

We want our clients to know right away that even though we have tons of experience and an amazing process, we are foremost about hearing YOUR ideas, your plans and your vision.  Once we’ve heard your goals, ideas and plans, we will bring all the assets of our experience and insights to help you make your ideas reach their full potential .

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video production / marketing process

We like to begin with the end in mind, aim at defined targets and know what success of a video will look like.  Our process helps our clients think through desired outcomes, video uses as well as distribution methods.  Going through this process creates a lot of efficiencies in multi video projects.  And it also lays the groundwork for strategic and tactical brainstorming in the pre-production phase.

Pre-production is where we think strategically and tactically about how we will acquire all of the best video assets, interviews and b-roll during our shoots.  Sometimes this is being really creative about interview questions and sometimes it’s writing a script.  

Once the strategy is in place, it’s time for a detailed plan.  Laying out timelines, making sure the right crew an actors are in place and ready is key to successful pre-production.

Production is where we break out the light, mics and cameras and capture all of the information that will later be edited into a final video.  During this time, it’s not all technical, we have a strong plan in place to guide us, but creativity and passion comes into play to encourage, entice and stimulate the best information to come out.  This often happens in an interview process, but can also be on a set filled with actors or products.

Post production is where all of the groundwork and production begins to take form.  We typically take a video through four to five stages: 1) rough cut 2) design samples 3) application of design across timeline 4) refinement of color and audio 5) final presentation.  Each of these phases has interaction between the client and producer and provides opportunity for feedback for improving that stage.

Output is the phase where the video is exported into the format that it will be viewed in whether on web, disc, television or elsewhere.

Distribution is where the video interacts with its target audience.  There is a huge list of potentials here and Video Propeller offers the service of managing and refining the distribution.


You can start the pre-production process right now!

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With the two videos below, you can actually start the pre-production process right now – all on your own.  

We’ve put these videos here to help you see how easy and thought out our plan is.  We know how to get you to the desired destination!  We know how to deliver an awesome video that will achieve your goals.


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Video 2

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