Location Rental
Use the sliders to select the NUMBER OF DAYS that you will need to rent a location.

For example, enter 1, 2, 3, etc.

***Note*** If you will be using your own business location, please skip this section. Please note that this location budget is based on an interview space at $600/day.

Specialized locations, such as restaurants, event spaces or car dealerships, can vary widely and cost well over $1,000 per day.
Script Development
If your project requires a script, please fill out the section below.

Projects that are interview-based rely more on questions than a script and these items are developed in our pre-production process.
Please select the number of minutes of script development needed.
Many business videos utilize their own staff, clients or products in a video. However, often actors are needed.

If actors are required, please enter the number of actors needed and then enter the number of days needed (in half increments).

A production crew can be as small as one person and as large as hundreds of people.

This form assumes the smallest to be 1 person and the largest to be 12 people.

It's common to grossly underestimate the amount of time that production takes. It's easy to think that if a video is 2 minutes long then it should only take 5 or so minutes to record it. Very often, this is a section that needs a lot of guidance that is based on a client's goals for their video project. Also, most crew members base their rates on half days which are as long as 5 hours. Interestingly, when it tips over into 5.5 hours, it's automatically counted as a full day by most crew members. Similarly, if your project could actually be shot in as little as 2 hours, most crews would consider that to be a half day.
2 Person Crew HALF Day
2 Person Crew FULL Day
Director of Photography HALF DAY
Director of Photography FULL DAY
Grip HALF Day
Grip FULL Day
Gaffer HALF Day
Gaffer FULL Day
Audio Tech with Sound Equipment HALF Day
Audio Tech with Sound Equipment FULL Day
Makeup Artist HALF Day
Makeup Artist FULL Day
Teleprompter Operator with Prompter HALF Day
Teleprompter Operator with Prompter FULL Day
Craft Services HALF Day
Craft Services FULL Day
Add 2nd Camera Operator & Camera HALF Day
Add 2nd Camera Operator & Camera FULL Day
Add 3rd Camera Operator & Camera HALF Day
Add 3rd Camera Operator & Camera FULL Day
Drone Operator (Licensed) HALF Day
Drone Operator (Licensed) FULL Day
Make a selection based on the estimated number of minutes that will use voiceover.
Post Production
Post Production includes:

- Video Editing
- Motion Graphics (animated text, logos, and graphics)
- Adding music and/or sound effects
- Sound Mixing
- Color Correction
- Export for appropriate delivery formats
Video Distribution
This section is added as more of a reminder. Many businesses will invest a lot of time and dollars into one or more videos with no more of a plan of how to leverage the video than adding it to their home page. To maximize the value of your video marketing investment, you should find someone who can act with creative experience in distributing your video(s) widely and strategically.
Please interact with any of the choices availabe above

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