This is our very own Top 10 List of some of the most inspiring and creative Video Producers and Video Marketers in Dallas, TX.

The list is not in any particular order.  It is a collection of awesome videos that we found and love and have been inspired by.

All of these companies are exceptional and have unique capabilities and creative insights.



Top Pup is a Dallas production company that has been around since 1998. They have a large portfolio of business and corporate clients.

My favorite video from Top Pup is a piece they did for Gfuel Energy Drink.  There are so many great things going on in this short ad – best of all, the main character.  

It takes a lot of creative energy and planning to conceive and execute a project like this.  So much of the script is writing body and camera movements.  They have a lot of really fun and energetic camera angles.  A great set.  Great lighting.  Awesome editing and an amazing character.

A comedic piece like this can go wrong really fast if it doesn’t go right.  There had to be a really great director who maintained the vision for the video throughout the production and carried it through the editing.


TOP 10


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Left Hook Videos

Left Hook Videos is a production company in Dallas with a really great name.  It’s a young company that started as a marketing business in 2015.

If you find a real film lover, you might eventually get into a conversation about films in the silent era when films relied a lot more on movement and actions than on words.

That idea made me really appreciate this video that I found of a story that is told solely with the movement of it’s actors.  It’s well-shot and beautifully directed and acted.

To achieve a piece like this there needs to be a clear script that outlines psychology, motivations, emotions and then… movement.  The movement can only be executed well when all of the others are embraced first. 

Check out this piece from Left Hook and see if it knocks you out like it did me.

Action Driven Videos with Unspoken Lines

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Video Propeller is a video marketing and production company in Dallas that was founded by 2x Emmy winner, Brent Tallent.  They offer video marketing services for businesses.

This business video was produced for a Houston law firm wanting to make a strong statement about their commitment to diversity.

Unlike so many business videos, much of this video is shot in action (versus interview style).  That is, the attorneys are recorded walking the streets of downtown Houston while sharing their story and commitment to diversity.



B2B Video Marketing

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N8 Films is a Dallas Production Company that specializes in editing documentaries.  

Having started as an editor for corporate videos and spending several years editing for television, I know firsthand that long-form editing of documentaries is a very specialized skill.  

When editing a documentary, you really have to possess a strong awareness of all of the potentials.  This means you have to be incredibly familiar with the footage and be able to retain that for a long period of time since it often takes months or even years to edit a documentary.

And most of all, you have to have a deeply emotional connection with the purpose of the documentary.  If an editor isn’t connected with the spirit of the piece, he or she can drive it into a ditch faster than anyone on the whole crew.

Check out the trailer to this very interesting documentary.

Documentary Editing

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Serendipitous Films

Serendipitous Films is a production company in Dallas that has been around since 1999.  On their website, the state that “Serendipitous Films believes in working with a team of proven, capable companies and individuals to produce effective results for our clients.”  This might mean that the role of Serendipitous is more of a director and collaborator.  

Nevertheless, my favorite piece from Serendipitous is a 3d animation that combines with video to demonstrate the unique performance of a locking pin.  The 3d portions show the build and processes and the video portions show it functioning in the real world.  This piece is not something to get emotional about, but the technical requirements to achieve a piece like this are very significant.  

The 3d modeling looks great, is believable and helps industry professionals understand what this piece of equipment is capable of.


Documentary Editing

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Blare Video is a company based out of California who has a production team located in Dallas.  They offer video production as well as some marketing services.

I found this business video that they produced for a manufacturing facility in Houston and was impressed by some subtle choices.  When you see the woman speaking you will notice three men working in the background.  It might seem like they just happened to be working there, but they weren’t.  This is a well-staged and well-lit scene that keeps the main speaker as the focus while giving a really nice feel for the team in it’s setting.

A clear give away to this being a well planned scene is the perfect lighting on all of the team’s hair.  And while they are all well lit, they are still lit with less intensity than the main speaker.  This keeps the main speaker as the focus.

This video also demonstrates a lot of animation capabilities.  You see this in the building layouts as well as other various animations throughout.

Blare Video
  • Cinematography in clean room settings
  • Animation
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Think Branded Media

Think Branded Media is a Dallas based production company with a unique partnership that is clearly rooted in a love of art.  Daniel Nanasi a filmmaker and Beau Ethridge with skills that grew out of being a visual artist formed banded together to make Think Branded Media.

There is definitely something unique that happens when two creatives are wrestling out ideas for a video.  There is a special energy that happens.  If you’ve been in the room with creatives in a brainstorming session you know about the sort of energy that can start flying around the room.

I definitely get that sense when I watch their work.  There is a refined level of design and framing for all of the scenes.  And the story telling is engaging on a deep level.

Beyond that, these two embody some level of philosophical insight.  Maybe that’s where the name comes from.

There are thousands of videos that have been produced about dancers.  I haven’t seen one before of so many genres of dancers set against the backdrop of cityscapes and construction equipment.  There is a juxtaposition there that requires some special minds to even have a chance.

Check out this award winning video from Think Media and you’ll see that they have a rare approach to their projects.


High level usage of metaphor

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DTX Media is a Video Production Company in Dallas that serves a wide range of clients both in video and photography.  The company was started by Jonny Carroll who had a previous resume with National Geographic.

If you look through their portfolio, you’ll see everything from wedding videos to corporate videos across a wide variety of clients.

The video that jumped out at me was a recent video they did for Pollo Regio.  I’ve shot a lot of food and it’s tricky because the food needs to look hot… literally hot off the grill.  And there are usually a dozen things that it shouldn’t look like.

So to create great looking food with dolly camera shots, awesome lighting and a flaming background is no small trick.  DTX really knocked it out of the park with this one.


High level usage of metaphor

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The Well Creative

The Well Creative is another great video production company in Dallas that has an interesting backstory.  It was founded by Cash Sirois who had his start as a sports reporter.  This probably has a lot to do with the surprising amount of videos they do for famous athletes.  He also spent several years as Creative Director with the Dallas Mavericks.

The Well Creative services a wide spectrum of video services, but what stood out to me was their animated videos.  They are engaging, often humorous and have consistently nice designs.


High level usage of metaphor


Brent Tallent

President / CEO

Brent is a two-time Emmy Award winner, also nominated for a Grammy with extensive experience in both video and audio production.  He loves making beautiful images.  And he loves great story telling and sees the elements of story like tactics in a chess game.

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