Trailer for Training Series

Thank you for checking out our recent communications video.  This video is the first in a 6-part series that introduces existing clients to new products and services while showing them how to use these new tools.


The process of creating this video


In our Discovery meeting, we planned how to best capture the scripts that the team had created.  We planned locations, cameras, lighting, and schedules.


This video was shot on-site in Plano, Texas.  We are able to capture the content for all six videos, including B-roll, in just under six hours.


This production had a unique timeline.  They needed to show the videos at a tradeshow 7 days after the shoot date.  We had delivered the first drafts for all 6 videos four days after the shoot.  This included motion graphics, text animations, music beds, and color corrections.  All of the final revisions were completed by the next day – two days prior to their event!


Once the video was completed, we assisted in getting the video deployed onto the web page and other channels.

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