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Customer Story

Erin and her team had taken all the right steps. They carefully set specific goals for their marketing project, crafted an outline, and then met with the Video Propeller team to shape a script. The video producer helped them think through the video production as well as the presentation and delivery. They had an amazing video shoot and then collaborated with the Video Propeller editor throughout the final stage. And at 1030 this morning they couriered a gift box to James Harris, the owner of a large firm that they had been trying to meet with for six months. At 3:15, Erin’s phone rang… Mr. Harris is on line 2. “Good afternoon..great to hear from you”, she said. His voice sounded energetic, “Erin. We are speechless. We received your amazing box, opened the lid and it automatically started playing your presentation. Unbelievable. We are really impressed.  We’d really like to set up a meeting to hear part two that you mentioned at the end of the video.  By the way.  What do you call this?”  Erin smiled and answered, “They call it a ‘Video Brochure!’”

What is a Video Brochure?

Video brochures are exceptional tools for presenting your business’s service or product in a way that demands attention.

A video brochure uses a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) that is embedded into a softcover or hardcover printed brochure. The video brochures come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Here are a few of the most common formats.

  • Video Brochures
  • Video Business Cards
  • Video Mailers
  • Video Boxes
  • Many more

How do video brochures work?

How are video brochures created?

Video Brochures combine traditional design and print pieces with the amazing new LCD technology that can fit a video screen into stand-alone print pieces from boxes to brochures and even business cards. These video brochures contain all of the computer parts to control and deliver the video to the LCD screen as well as deliver the sound to the embedded speakers. The brochures also have embedded memory of various sizes that store one or more videos that can be triggered from various buttons on the brochure.

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What types of videos can be used in a video brochure?

Video brochures use the common h264 (mp4 or m4v) compression format. The memory cards range from 256 megs to over a gig. These various sizes allow for delivering as few as one video or an entire series of videos all in one brochure.

As far as the actual content of the videos, the only limit is the imagination. Business introductions, new product offerings, testimonials, special invitations along with any other kind of video are all great possibilities for video brochures.

When planning how much memory you will need, be sure to factor in about 80 megs for the software that runs the system.  For example, if you get a 256 meg memory card, subtract 80 and you will have 176 megs left for storing your videos.

Most commonly, the video screens display at 720p.  The dimensions for 720 are 720 pixels by 1280 pixels. 

If the video is compressed at 4 mbps, you can store approximately 5 and a half minutes of video on a 256 meg card.  4 mbps looks very clear and maintains rich colors and normal movements.  For fast moving objects, such as sports or dancing, a higher mbps compression setting might be needed.  For example, a video compressed at 720p in 8mbps would amount to 1 MB per second.  So a 2 minute video would be around 120 MB.

How are video brochures delivered?

There are many ways to deliver video brochures. Similar to traditional brochures, video brochures can be handed out in person at a business, trade show, event, networking meeting, or sales presentation. They can also be shipped or couriered to the special recipient for whom they were created.

Advantages of using video brochures

One of the biggest advantages of using a video brochure to communicate information about your business is the positive shock value that it provides. Almost all recipients of video brochures express an instant positive surprise followed by a high level of interest. This heavy-hitting impression provides a lot of staying power for your brand and the message you’re delivering.

It also tends to multiply that impact because recipients have a high probability of sharing the video brochure with several associates and relevant people in the company you’re reaching out to.

Because of the pleasant surprise that video brochures employ, the videos tend to be watched right away. And following the first viewing, they tend to be shared with one or more people very early on.

Are there any drawbacks to using video brochures?

The main drawback of using a video brochure versus delivering a video online is that a video brochure can’t offer online analytics. An online video can provide instant information about when a video was watched, how many times it was watched, who watched the video, and whether or not it was shared.

However, the video brochure presents your business in one of the classiest and most unique ways available. It has a lot of positive shock value and it comes in a package that looks sophisticated and very uncommon. This tends to instantly convey an enormous amount about the value that your business sees in how it represents itself and the people you work with.


How to make a video brochure

Have you already created a video to put on your video brochure?

If you already have a video that you’ve created that you want to distribute on a video brochure, the first consideration is the audience that you want to deliver to.

For example, we have clients that want to deliver the video in a box along with a gift and personalized note. Some clients want to hand out items at a special event. Others will want to have a very small format to use in various situations.

Are you targeting some very specific prospects? Do you want to deliver the video brochures, video boxes, or video cards in person, by mail, or by courier? The answers to these questions will help you and your video brochure consultant form the best strategy for deciding which format of video brochure you should utilize.

If you haven’t created your video(s) yet, consider this plan.

Define the main goal for your video brochure project. Is this a sales or marketing goal? Are you communicating a new vision or idea?

When the recipient of this awesome piece of communication finishes watching the video, what do you want them to know and what do you want them to do?

Determine if your project will be distributed in one video brochure or over time with several installments. Some clients announce an upcoming series of videos by sending a video box that announces a video series and then follows that up with a video brochure each month with a new installment in the series. Others create one complete message and deliver it in a single brochure, business card, or gift box.

Once you have determined these broad goals, outline the specific communication points for your script. At Video Propeller, we often work with our clients to help them define all of the talking points that will best convey their goals. Furthermore, we help to craft these points into a format that uses best practices for storytelling through video such as presenting strong questions at the beginning of the video that evokes curiosity and engages the viewer’s emotions.

Once you have a strong outline, you can work with your video producer to create a script and create a production and post-production plan.

Know your target dates. We often help guide the overall timeline since the printing and manufacturing of the video brochure can often be occurring simultaneously to the video production and post-production in order to have the most efficient delivery timeline.


Tips for creating an effective video brochure

Here are 5 tips for creating an effective video brochure

  1. Clarify your goal at the beginning of the project by defining what you want your viewer to see, hear and do
  2. Create a design and graphic interface that will make it clear and easy for the recipient to engage
  3. Make sure that your video’s message fits nicely with the graphic design of the overall video brochure presentation
  4. Research and then decide on the best possible delivery mechanism to get the video brochure in front of your viewers
  5. Have a clear path for your viewers to follow up or engage with your business


The costs for video brochures, video boxes, and video business cards vary widely. Significant factors include:

  • Size of the video brochure
  • Size and quality of the LCD screen
  • Size of the memory card
  • Special features
  • Quantity ordered
  • Shipping

Video brochures can be as low as $45 per unit and range upward from there based on the above specifications.

Ideas for Using Video Brochures

Sales & Marketing

  • Product Launch or Product Demonstration
  • Testimonials
  • Trade Show Hand Outs
  • B2B Sales
  • Service Announcements
  • High-End Luxury Catalog
  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • Real Estate Open House
  • Realtor Introduction


  • Fundraising
  • Recruitment
  • Motivational Stories to Inspire Engagement


  • High-End Proposals
  • Architectural Renderings


  • Wedding Announcements & Invitations
  • Special Event Invitations
  • Party Invitations
  • Black Tie Events


  • Acting, Model & Talent Portfolio
  • Web Design Portfolio
  • Marketing Agency Portfolio
  • Photography Portfolio
  • Graphic Design Portfolio

Awards & Gifts

  • Sales & Performance Awards
  • Thank You Gifts
  • Travel Awards

Education & Training

  • Medical Training
  • Dental Training
  • Motivational Pieces
  • Corporate Reports

Special Events

  • Competition Events
  • Holiday Greetings
  • Team Building Events


  • Business Documentaries
  • EPKs (Electronic Press Kits)
  • Waiting Room Video
  • Trivia Games
  • Training Games
  • Short Films


  • Franchising Opportunities
  • Press Kits

How long does it take to produce video brochures?

Video Propeller can have your video brochures ready in as little as 3 and a half weeks.

Video Propeller can plan, script, shoot, edit and deliver your video brochures in 5 weeks.

Let's brainstorm your Video Brochure project!

Video brochures are a great way to get your message out there and engage with your audience. They are an innovative medium that can be used for a variety of purposes, from marketing to training to entertainment.

We’d love to team up with you on your next project. If you’d like to set up a brainstorming call, please reach out to us here.