What does an antique hunting show have to do with video marketing

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They begin with a question or a problem

The Antique Hunter shows present a question or a problem early on in the show.  This question or problem is significant enough to evoke an emotional need for resolution.

Questions and problems evoke natural interest.  This is especially true if the viewer identifies with the problem.


As the video begins to respond to and probe the question, the value increases.  Answering questions or addressing problems provides the opportunity to demonstrate unique insights and capabilities.


The Antique Hunting Shows end with a tease to the next show.  They present the next obstacle in the journey and invite to viewer to watch the next show.


Presenting obstacles and hurdles that are common to the experiences of the story (or better the viewer) demonstrate that the product or service of a business has depth in insight to have overcome these obstacles and create a refined solution.


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